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We’re pleased to announce that .global domain names are now officially available to order!

It was established that the earth was a globe sometime in the 3rd century BC, though for the sake of accuracy it must be noted that this fact is also still debated by some who view the notion of a spherical earth as an illuminati hoax.

In less contentious circles, business and organisations around the world have embraced being global - sharing world views, products, ideas, and various aspects of their culture. And then arguing endlessly about which is better.

From Paris to London, Milan to New York, and Sydney to Shanghai, the world has never been more connected than it is today - if you are international, you can now show it off with the new .GLOBAL TLD from Altin Groups.

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NEW Domain Extension .GLOBAL

.GLOBAL domain name. This new extension is very generic and could be used for various projects. .GLOBAL creates an online network of businesses, organizations, and individuals striving to make the world marketplace

The .GLOBAL top-level domain (TLD) will offer web site for .GLOBAL creates an online network of businesses, organizations, and individuals striving to make the world marketplace. Register your interest in this new web address .GLOBAL. This Domain Extension .GLOBAL will set you apart from your competitors. Order your .GLOBAL Domain name today

.GLOBAL domain names must be registered for a minimum of one year and a maximum of ten years. .GLOBAL domains can include between 2 and 63 characters.

A specialized .GLOBAL domain name will help your success in the online arena. Behind the Domain Name .GLOBAL are great sounding names, paired with proficient stewardship, are destined to become the leading gTLD alternatives on the Internet. That's why it is a good thing that .GLOBAL is backed by Altin Groups. Our registrants will know they are getting much more than just a name: .GLOBAL

Why choose .GLOBAL?

.GLOBAL is for international businesses and organisations.

.GLOBAL is the domain name for the bigger picture: the world, instead of the country.

.GLOBAL is for anyone supporting international integration and commitment.

.GLOBAL is an opportunity to get the perfect multinational domain name

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With hundreds of new domain extensions coming to the web, finding an address that fits your business is easier than ever. Go big with .global.